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Functional Fitness

What is Functional Fitness?


Functional Fitness is a 1on1 exercise session with a Certified Athletic Therapist for all ages and activity levels. The components of functional fitness will address cardiorespiratory endurance, anaerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination specific to your sport/activity, injury or work.



Who Will Benefit?

  • all ages

  • all activity levels 

  • Injured athletes/workers looking for full return back to play/work

  • individuals seeking exercise education

  • pre/post operation 

  • Individuals suffering from:

    • diabetes

    • osteoarthritis

    • osteoporosis arthritis

    • cardiovascular disease

    • chronic pain 

    • stroke

***Yes, you can exercise if you have a medical condition. In fact, you will want to maintain a level of fitness necessary for you to continue to do your activities of daily living from personal care, household chores to social and leisure activities.

***Please talk to your doctor before starting any type of exercise program

What Will Be Expected?

Our Certified Athletic Therapist at MoveWell will perform a detailed assessment including:

  • General lifestyle & health information (previous injuries, medical conditions, exercise limitations)

  • Goal setting

  • Postural assessment

  • Mobility/stability assessment of all joints & muscle groups

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Summary of the results (areas of concern, high priorities, solutions)

  • A corrective exercise plan for both at the gym and at home

What We Will Provide You:

  • Private 1on1 session with a Certified Athletic Therapist

  • An exercise program to help regain your confidence to return back to sport, work or active daily living

  • Strength and conditioning that will meet your injury or personal needs

  • Strictly active therapeutic approach incorporating the whole body

  • Prevention of injuries of muscles, bones and joints

  • Weight training, cardio/agility, muscle firing and postural education

  • Improve range or motion and flexibility

  • Prevention of falls by improving balance and coordination

  • Individualized based exercise programs for both in clinic and at home

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