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MoveWell's Privacy Commitment

Your Privacy Matters to Us

At MoveWell Rehabilitation Centre, safeguarding your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information is our top priority. We may collect various types of personal health information, such as your name, date of birth, health history, OHIP/health card number, care records, and information received from other healthcare providers. Our collection, use, and disclosure of this information serve the following purposes:

  • Providing Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Athletic Therapy to our valued patients.

  • Facilitating payment for services, which may include billing you, OHIP, car insurance providers, private insurers, or government-funded programs.

  • Educating students and continuously enhancing our staff's knowledge.

  • Engaging in quality improvement and risk management initiatives.

  • Complying with regulatory obligations set by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

  • Informing patients of special events, opportunities, and health-related news via email (only with your explicit consent).

  • Adhering to other lawful purposes as required.


Rest assured, we collect, use, and disclose only the necessary personal health information for these purposes. You have the right to withhold or withdraw your consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal health information by contacting us at:

  • Phone: 613-382-4200

  • Mailing Address:

  • MoveWell Rehabilitation Centre

  • Suite 201

  • Gananoque, Ontario

  • K7G 2L5

Accessing Your Health Records

You retain the right to access and request corrections to your health records in our possession if you believe they contain inaccuracies. To learn more, please reach out to us.

Why We Collect Personal Health Information

We gather, use, and disclose personal information to serve our patients. Our primary purposes for collecting personal health information include providing Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Athletic Therapy services. Additionally, we collect baseline health and social data to monitor changes over time in ongoing healthcare.

We also employ personal health information for related and secondary purposes, including:


  • Obtaining payment for services or goods from individuals, OHIP, WSIB, insurers, and more.

  • Conducting quality improvement and risk management activities, such as staff performance assessment and external audits.

  • Promoting our clinic, new services, special events, and opportunities (only with patient consent).

  • Complying with external regulations and reporting misconduct or illegal behavior to authorities.

  • Educating our staff and students by reviewing client records.

  • Facilitating the sale of our organization while maintaining confidentiality.

  • Securing Personal Information


We recognize the significance of safeguarding personal information.

To that end, we have implemented several protective measures:

  • During working hours, paper information is supervised and secured in our locked clinic afterward.

  • Electronic hardware is supervised and stored securely after hours, utilizing strong passwords on all devices.

  • Personal health information is stored on mobile devices only when necessary, always protected by robust encryption.

  • We minimize the transportation of personal health information for remote work, ensuring secure storage and usage.

  • Paper information is transmitted using sealed, addressed envelopes or boxes from reputable companies with strong privacy policies.

  • Electronic information is either anonymized or encrypted before transmission, with patient consent when applicable.

  • Our staff is trained to collect, use, and disclose personal information responsibly and in alignment with our privacy policy.

  • We do not post personal information about clients on social media, and our staff is educated on appropriate social media use.

  • External consultants and agencies with access to personal information enter into privacy agreements with us.


Retention and Disposal of Personal Information

We retain personal information for a period necessary to address inquiries about provided services and meet regulatory requirements. However, we dispose of personal information in a timely manner to protect your privacy. Paper files are crosscut shredded, electronic data is securely deleted or overwritten, and hardware is destroyed when necessary.

Access to Your Records

Subject to a few exceptions, you have the right to access your personal information held by us. We can assist in identifying and understanding your records, and we may charge a nominal fee for providing access.

If you believe there is an error in your information, you can request corrections, which we will make when appropriate. We may also include a brief statement from you in our files if we disagree.


Privacy Breach Response

In the unlikely event of a privacy breach involving your personal health information, we will notify you promptly. We take immediate measures to contain and address such breaches, including retrieving disclosed hardcopies, preventing unauthorized access to electronic information, and notifying affected individuals. We may also report serious breaches to regulatory bodies as required.

Questions or Concerns

Should you have any inquiries or wish to voice concerns about our privacy policies and practices, please get in touch with Sylvia de Leeuw, our Health Information Custodian, at  or our Information Officer, Randal Dyzak, at


We are committed to addressing your inquiries promptly.

If you wish to make a formal complaint to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, you can do so by contacting:

Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario

2 Bloor Street East, Suite 400

Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8

Phone: Toronto area (416/local 905): (416) 326-3333

Long Distance 1 (800) 387-0073 (within Ontario)

TTD/TTY: (416) 325-7539

Fax: (416) 325-9195

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